• Dedicated Servers EU-2

The Dedicated Server Core i7 is built for performance. If it is hundreds of MySQL queries per second, hundreds of thousands of homepage visitors per day or the calculation of complex 3D structures - you rarely will find a way to bring this high-end model down to its knees.

Intel Corei7: Featuring eight cores (four via HT) and the most modern architecture, the Core i7 is one of our best CPUs. Windows Server 2012, Windows is available free of charge for two months. Numerous Linux distributions available.

Order one of our best models, which features one of the most powerful processors currently available, enormous 12 GB of RAM and two terabytes of space for your data!

RAM Size
Hard Disk
Network Port Speed
Network Bandwidth
Operating Systems
Root Access
Root Web interface
OS Reinstall Console
VNC Access
IP Address
DNS Management
Reverse DNS
Admin Panels
Monthly Rental
Setup fee one time

Intel Core i7 (4 x 2.66 GHz)
12 GB Guaranteed
2000 GB (2 X 1000 GB)
100 Mbps
Unlimited Traffic
Linux and Windows Servers
145.00 US$

Dedicated Servers EU-2

  • Brand: AceNet
  • Product Code: Dedicated Servers EU-2
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  • INR10,150.00

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