ACE-GPON/EPON-16 OLT is one of the advanced FTTx OLT equipment. It is a small capacity carrier class GPON/EPON equipment which provides maximum 1024 ONU users at the 1:64 split ratio. ACE-GPON/EPON-16 OLT can be configured to compatible GPON/EPON OLT platform. GPON and EPON users can be concurrently supported in the same OLT sub rack by using different ONUs but of the same set of ODN facility. ACE-GPON/EPON-16 OLT can be also configured as10GEPON or P2P platform

Dimensions (W×D×H mm)


Chassis weight (Fully Loaded)

10kg (Full Loaded)

Capacity (Per subrack)

support max 1024 ONU users

Capacity (Per service card)

4/8 PON ports per EPON service card 4/8 PON ports per GPON service card

Core Switch Capacity

488 Gbps

Environment Requirement

Operating temperature -10°C~55°C Storage temperature -40°C~65°C Ambient humidity 5%~95%


Ethernet service CATV service NGN voice (MGCP/H.248/SIP) TDM service Broadcast services for IPTV VOD unicast

Uplink Interface

Up to 6×GE optical uplink with SFP Up to 6×GE electrical uplink

PON Port Interface

GPON port complying with Class B+/C for ODN EPON 1000BASE-PX10/PX20 port for ODN Up to 60km Max Reach SC/PC Connector Support G.652/G.657 Single mode Fiber


Wavelength: TX 1490nm(1550nm)/RX 1310nm

Optical Line Rate

Upstream/Downstream data rate: 1.244G/2.488G for GPON Upstream/Downstream data rate: 1.25G/1.25G for EPON

Power Consumption (full configured)

200W (Full Loaded)

Power Supply

-48V DC (-40V~-57V)(Two power cards per sub rack for redundancy) 220V AC


  • Brand: AceNet
  • Product Code: ACE-GPON/EPON-16 OLT
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